Health Is Simple, Disease Is Complicated
Health Is Simple, Disease Is Complicated

Health Is Simple, Disease Is Complicated

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James Forleo
In this breakthrough book, Dr. James Forleo proposes a return to the body as the site of self-healing. The problem, he says, is that we dont understand the language of signs and symptoms it uses to communicate its healing messages. Health Is Simple helps readers decipher that language and access the great realms of health and vitality the body contains. Written in a clear, engaging style, the book takes a systems approach to health, walking readers through the basic design and function of each major organ systemthe nerve, endocrine, immune, musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and elimination systemsand offers a set of simple practices to boost their performance. With only a few minutes a day, readers can radically improve their health and well-being. Based on his work with hundreds of patients, the program emphasizes simple correctives to diet and lifestyle, a new perspective on digestion and elimination, and the alignment of the spine and structural system. Case studies demonstrate successfully resolved conditions from chronic headaches, anxiety, and respiratory disorders to exhaustion, autoimmune disorders, and allergies. Health Is Simple offers readers access to the same customized program the authors celebrity clients have enjoyed, with the possibility of achieving the same spectacular results.

"A very useful and practical source of information for the inspired, for those who understand the importance of participating in their own health and well-being, and for those who awaken to the need to feel empowered and participate because of some disease or injury."
--Bernie Siegel, MD, author of "Help Me To Heal"

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