Heading for Home
Heading for Home

Heading for Home

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Hanan, Zahava
Zahava Hanan's struggle to save her ranch in Alberta from the threat of industrial pollution makes Heading for Home a modern tale on an epic scale. For twenty years she fought for her rights in Western Canada. Heading for Home gives a very warm account of her companions throughout those years from cowhands to lovable animals; from concerned neighbours to the formality of the company man, some of whom too, eventually became firm friends. Aided at times in her struggle by her friend the author and tracker Andy Russell, Heading for Home tells the tale of how one woman's strength and willpower contributed to our heightened sense of mutual awareness. In the course of her long struggle to save everything she held most dear, Zahava Hanan stood squarely up to a "David and Goliath" confrontation with the corporations. During that time however, she came to understand that by daring to care for our environment we inherit a common ground, goal and home. This book is also the story of that spiritual quest and challenge. And it is in this sense that Zahava Hanan has been "Heading for Home", and helping others get there, ever since. This is a masterpiece of its kind, and truly original, since nobody of her sensibility has written on the subject at all. There are countless travel books about wild places and countless cosy books about life in the town. This happens to be unique both in the handling of her environment and in her ability to feel and write about it.

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