Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater, The [Paperback]

Haunting of the Tenth Avenue Theater, The [Paperback]

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Alex Matsuo (Author)

San Diego’s renowned Tenth Avenue Theater is home to an unlikely cast of ghosts, but what has kept the spirits of the dead bound to this venue of entertainment and illusion? From apparitions of a child who died a tragic death to the spirit of a suicidal pastor, there is grief, turmoil, and unfinished business lingering within the walls of this former church.

Alex Matsuo, an actress by day and a ghost hunter by night, was granted unlimited access to the haunted property where she has performed as both an actor and a director. Investigating the popular and thriving theater she has always considered home, Alex unravels the turbulent history of the building in order to find out why the ghosts of the Tenth want to stay forever.

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