Gorilla and the Fairy, The (Hardcover)
Gorilla and the Fairy, The (Hardcover)

Gorilla and the Fairy, The (Hardcover)

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Young, Carol
THE GORILLA AND THE FAIRY is an allegory, intended as an adult picture book. The author's hope is that this book will be an awakening for adolescents as well as for the huge silent mass of women who are in or have recently come out of abusive relationships. Battering occurs regardless of race, age, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability and religious background. A domestic Violence Support group that was started in 1998 in an upper middle class suburb of Washington State experienced an explosion of membership in the first four months with new members each week. Many of the women were in denial about their situations. After only months of being with their perpetrator their view of reality becomes distorted. This story may help some of those women to recognize the process of abuse enough to get the help they most desperately need.

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