God Gave Me Some Bad Advice
God Gave Me Some Bad Advice

God Gave Me Some Bad Advice

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Byron Harmon (Author)
Too often, the stories of many men of color's lives today are full of waste, violence, struggle, and self-destruction. But there are many men who grow up in challenging circumstances, with all odds against them, and still find success. God Gave Me Some Bad Advice tells of one such success story. Byron Harmon is still a young man, not yet 40. His story is a powerful and compelling example of how many of the traditional verities of American lifeGod, family, countryprovide touchstones that can bolster every individual growing up in this country. Today the executive producer of the nation's largest local morning news show on WCBS in New York, and the author of three novels, Byron Harmon looks back to tell his story with warmth, generosity, humor, and grace. God Gave Me Some Bad Advice is a touching coming-of-age story and a breakthrough addition to this rising writer's body of work.

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