Globalization and the American Worker: Negotiating a New Social Contract (Significant Issues)

Globalization and the American Worker: Negotiating a New Social Contract (Significant Issues)

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Grant Douglas Aldonas (Author)
Globalization and the American Worker is a path-breaking work on economic policy in a global age. It debunks the myths that clutter the political debate over globalization, focusing instead on the hard challenges the United States faces in building a stronger economic future. The book highlights the need to embrace the challenge of competing in the global economy, while making the investments in America s workers that they need to compete in world markets. It underscores the importance of adaptability in a time of accelerating economic change and explains how economic policy can encourage or hinder the ability of workers and firms to adjust to the changes that globalization has wrought. The book provides concrete recommendations for trade and tax policy, education, health care, labor, technology, and a range of other areas that would help build a new social contract between America and its greatest asset, its workers.

Divided into four parts, the study begins with an examination of the changes facing American workers--the transformational importance of globalization and technological change. It then moves on consider the implications of these changes--for the workplace and the workforce. The third part of the work reviews the current private-sector and public-policy responses to these changes--helpful and not so helpful. Finally, the study offers recommendations for negotiating a new American social contract--investing in American workers and creating an enabling economic environment.

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