Ghosts on 87th Lane, The: A True Story
Ghosts on 87th Lane, The: A True Story

Ghosts on 87th Lane, The: A True Story

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Woelm, M.L.
Once upon a time, my house was haunted. It still is. I began recording my experiences, hoping to one day share them. I kept waiting for the incidents to stop, so I'd have a logical conclusion to my book. So far, that hasn't happened. It may never happen. I'd like to get my story told before I become a ghost myself.

The True Story of a Haunting Beginning in 1968 and spanning four decades, this true story chronicles the hair-raising experiences that nearly drove an ordinary housewife and mother to the breaking point.

Not every haunted house is an old Victorian mansion, as the author and her family discovered when they bought a modest house in the suburbs. Even a post-war starter home can be a dwelling place for earthbound spiritsespecially if it holds a tragic secret from the past. Eerie feelings of being watched, disembodied sobs, mysterious scratches appearing on her throat, and a child's voice crying, "Mommy!" convinced M. L. Woelm that she was sharing her home with ghosts. This is her story.

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