Getting Unstuck [Paperback]
Getting Unstuck [Paperback]

Getting Unstuck [Paperback]

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Karen Casey (author)

*** This is a new, never read book. It has a few blemishes such as a crease, tear or edge-wear on the cover, but it is still crisp and new on the inside and it makes for a great reading copy. ***

True health and serenity come from learning to set boundaries and take care of one's own needs first.

In Getting Unstuck, bestselling recovery writer Karen Casey invites readers to work through the 12 principles in Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow and to dig deep into their own patterns of behavior, to determine where they've gotten stuck in their lives. Presented in a workbook format, readers write down and explore their answers to specific questions both to discern what's causing them unhappiness or stress and to develop strategies for getting unstuck.

Getting Unstuck helps readers to:
Learn where the boundaries should be drawn between themselves and others

Stop holding others emotional hostage
Avoid turning caring into control
Let loved ones find their own Higher Power
Find their own free and peaceful life.

Getting Unstuck deepens and broadens readers' understanding of the peace that comes from being responsible for themselves and letting others do the same.

Casey's characteristic gentle prodding and profound insight help readers discover their own wisdom and strength.

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