Gay Marriage, Real Life: Ten Stories Of Love And Family

Gay Marriage, Real Life: Ten Stories Of Love And Family

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Michelle Bates Deakin
This intimate account of ten same-sex couples brings to life how the decision to marry has affected them and their extended families. These personal journeys present a range of experiences, from a mother who became a gay rights activist when her youngest child came out as a lesbian, to a girl whose realization that her fathers were not married spurred the men to join the gay marriage lawsuit in Massachusetts, to a lesbian couple and devoted mothers of twins who fight for same-sex adoption rights in Oklahoma. Deakin chronicles both their private strides toward acceptance and their public struggles to advance gay rights.

Read individually, each of these in-depth stories will provide a probing and compassionate tale of self-discovery that readers can compare with their own experiences. Read together, the stories create an inspiring volume that captures the powerful and dramatic effect that the legalization and growing acceptance of same-sex marriage is having on our society.

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