G.O.P. D.O.A.
G.O.P. D.O.A.

G.O.P. D.O.A.

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Brida, Jay
On the eve of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City, a political fixer named Flanagan receives an unwelcome assignment: find out what happened to his boss's lover before his wife does. As a wave of conservatives descend on a prickly, pugnacious Manhattan, Flanagan gets caught in a whirlwind of sexual secrecy, murder, and the dark acts of a political party bent on empire. From the political influence of Joey Ramone to the restless, heated energy of New York in August, the raw political friction and firecracker sexuality of G.O.P. D.O.A. make for a racy, briskly paced mystery and a summer no one will soon forget.

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