First of State (CJ Floyd Mystery Series) - Hardcover
First of State (CJ Floyd Mystery Series) - Hardcover

First of State (CJ Floyd Mystery Series) - Hardcover

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Robert Greer
o Denver from Vietnam with post-traumatic stress disorder. Navigating depression, he finds a friend in World War II vet and amputee Wiley Ames, who shares his passion for rare and valuable western memorabilia.

When Ames and a mysterious Chinese man are found murdered, CJs already fragile world threatens to collapse. His attempts to find his friends killer are thwarted at every turn, and finally he joins his Uncle Ikes business as bail bondsman and bounty hunter. Five years later one of Amess treasured antique license plates turns up at a Denver flea market, and CJ is once again off and running. The trail to Wiley Amess murderer leads CJ down a dark path strewn with backstabbing antique dealers, conniving friends and relatives of Amess, and a shadowy musician. Equally a white-knuckle-ride murder mystery and a tale of a traumatized young man coming to terms with his past, First of State features the kind of fresh characters, street-smart dialogue, and ingenious plot twists that have made this series a critical and commercial success.

Fast-moving...Readers are introduced to the intriguing world of antique collecting through the passionate appreciation of certain rare license plates which Floyd collects... The story revolves around Floyd's quest to find license plates in mint condition and at the same time attempts to solve several murders...a great gift for the holiday season for the reader who likes a stylish 'Who Done It.
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Filled with twists and turns, compelling and likeable characters and a solid plot, First of State is an engaging mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seatThumbs up!!
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