FLU: Alternative Treatments and Prevention
FLU: Alternative Treatments and Prevention

FLU: Alternative Treatments and Prevention

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Neustaedter, Randall
Every winter, the flu virus presents an international health threat. Sometimes the flu season is mild, while in other years it causes widespread debilitating illness. Vaccination against the flu has been hailed as the primary and best preventive measure, yet shortages and the controversies surrounding the lack of effectiveness of vaccinations have led many people to seek alternatives. Fortunately, anyone can prepare for the flu season with effective prevention strategies. If the flu strikes, there are safe, alternative methods to treat the symptoms. Flu: Alternative Treatments and Prevention guides readers in treating the flu with appropriate professional care and home remedies. The first part of Flu tells the history of the flu, lists its symptoms and complications, and includes a discussion of flu vaccines. Part II describes the alternative medical treatments available to treat the flu as well as important measures people can take to build a strong immune system. Part III features methods for flu prevention as well as treatments for children. And Part IV offers information about the best ways to increase immunity, treat the virus, and prevent serious complications of the flu for seniors.

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