F Is for Fetish (Erotic Alphabet)
F Is for Fetish (Erotic Alphabet)

F Is for Fetish (Erotic Alphabet)

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Alison Tyler
The feeling of being zipped up tight in a leather jacket, the flood of desire unleashed by the glimpse of perfectly shaped feet caressed by high heeled shoes. Here are twelve tantalizing stories that capture the erotic power of fetishes. In Knuckling Under a woman longs for the strong, thick fingers of her bike mechanic as she watches them glide over gears and spokes. And in Fishnets the narrator explains his particular fetish, I can always tell when a woman really cares about her fishnets, when shes the type who shakes them out before holding open the hole and sliding her foot into it, aware of every nuance of sensuality involved.

"I began to lust for each fetish soon after opening Alison Tyler's recent book F is for Fetish. A bike mechanic's smudged, strong hands, golden showers from a goddess in a clawfoot bathtub, and decadently soiled maribou slippers -- each of these quickly drew me in. Each story in this collection features a distinct moment where the plot falls away and the story is devoted to its fetish object, specifying its particular hotness and how it makes the narrator feel -- one young man tastes his Mistress's toes through her musky fishnets with adoration and lust; a hungry boot slut inhales the whiff of acrid boot polish melting in the hot sun as she kneels to polish a series of military boots. The stories were very hot for that very intensity, that rareness."
-- T.R. Moss-alt.com

"F is for Fetish is another perfect addition to a highly collectible set of anthologies. Whether you're reading this book because you're looking for fiction about your favourite fetish, or because you're researching the possibilities of adopting a new one: F is for Fetish contains some of the best erotic fiction from today's top erotic authors"
--Ashley Lister -- Erotica Readers & Writers Association--October 2007

"In F Is For Fetish, once again Alison Tyler wows us with some wonderful tales, ranging from the hilarious to the downright bizarre, which will no doubt get your juices flowing...Be it feet, shoes, hands, hair or bicycles, whatever shakes your fetish, this book is bound to get you in the mood."
-- Forum UK--July

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Cleis Press (July 24, 2007)
ISBN-10: 1573442844
ISBN-13: 978-1573442848

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