Enter Sandman
Enter Sandman

Enter Sandman

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Williams, Stephanie
Trisha Portman almost has it all. With her good looks, a job at a hot SoHo art gallery, devoted friends, and a handsome lawyer boyfriend, she's one step away from making it big. When a mysterious painting shows up at her gallery, Trisha's ticket to the top may have just arrived. Far from leading her there, however, the painting takes her back to her college days and to James Morales, a man whose artistic brilliance is exceeded only by the lengths he'll go to alienate people. As Trisha steps into James's tormented life, she discovers an unlikely soul mate but soon falls prey to a horrible misfortune. Called "Sex and the City with a heart" by Oprah author Jacquelyn Mitchard, Enter Sandman explores the tyranny of the superficial, the power of friendship, and the mystery of what people choose to leave behind.

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