Embracing the End of Life: A Journey Into Dying & Awakening [Paperback]

Embracing the End of Life: A Journey Into Dying & Awakening [Paperback]

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Patt Lind-Kyle (Author)

Explore the Resistance to Death, and Awaken More Fully to Life

Death is simply one more aspect of being a human being, but in our culture, we’ve made it a taboo. As a result, most of us walk through life with conscious or unconscious fears that prevent us from experiencing true contentment. Embracing the End of Life invites you to lean into your beliefs and questions about death and dying, helping you release tense or fearful energy and awaken to a more vital life now.

Preparing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for this inevitable transition provides improved clarity and strength. This book shares the idea of death as a journey of three steps-resistance, letting go, and transcendence. With dozens of exercises, practices, and meditations, author Patt Lind-Kyle helps you experience your truest, most expansive self. Exploring multiple aspects of life and death-with everything from chakras and the Enneagram to living wills and health care directives-this book is meant to help you unwind the challenge of death and discover the truth of your own path to inner freedom.

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