Elemental Divination: A Dice Oracle [Paperback]
Elemental Divination: A Dice Oracle [Paperback]

Elemental Divination: A Dice Oracle [Paperback]

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Stephen Ball (Author)

Discover a simple practice that yields life-changing results. With just three dice, you can receive answers to basic questions or initiate a deeper interpretive journey. Based on elemental forces that have been consulted by healers and sages for thousands of years, this dice oracle will inspire you to see yourself and the world with a whole new perspective.

This book shares instructions and rituals for using the oracle with dice or other divinatory tools. You will also find a list of meanings for every possible elemental combination, and explanations of how Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Sun, and Moon manifest in this divination system. When you explore the oracle's patterns and correspondences, you gain insight into the challenges and concerns that we all face. Integrate the power of the elements as you make your way through the magic and mystery of life with Elemental Divination as your guide.

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