Dying to Be Alive (RWW)
Dying to Be Alive (RWW)

Dying to Be Alive (RWW)

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Linda Bonnington Vocatura
Born of the authors personal experience as well as her studies in Jungian psychology, this book takes the fundamental ideas in Healing the Wounded God, which Vocatura co-authored with Jeff Raff, and applies them to lifes most important challenge: developing soul-consciousness by becoming reconciled with the inevitability of ones death.

Through folk stories, dreams, and active imaginations, we come to know Death as a personified entity who announces Itself, and who we subsequently get to know as our guide from "Here" to "Elsewhere" and beyond to the Divinity existing in the infinite space outside our created world. Vocatura discusses how Death can be a partner in the journey to individuation and in working with the ally, a psychoidal manifestation of the divine center. Through this teaching, we can become aware of our immortal essence.

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