Don't Take the Last Donut: New Rules of Business Etiquette [Hardcover]
Don't Take the Last Donut: New Rules of Business Etiquette [Hardcover]

Don't Take the Last Donut: New Rules of Business Etiquette [Hardcover]

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Judith Bowman (Author)

In a recent survey, 8 out of 10 Americans felt that a lack of respect and courtesy is a serious national problem. Four out of 10 admitted to behaving badly themselves.

Do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution? Don't Take the Last Donut gives you the tools you need to be confident and letter-perfect in any business setting--from pitch to presentation, from networking to contract negotiations, and everything in between. With this book, you will easily master the art of small talk, the protocol of the perfect business introduction, and the many nuances of the business lunch. You'll never feel awkward in a business setting again!

Don't Take the Last Donut unlocks the mysteries and benefits of business etiquette. More than simple good manners, business protocol is a set of tools that allows you to move with confidence through any business setting and act with ease in any meeting or presentation. You'll learn:

* The protocol of the proper business introduction...even if you have forgotten someone's name.
* The art of creating a positive first impression.
* Tips for fool-proof small talk.
* How to manage an awkward moment.
* How to gracefully work a room.
* The vast differences in rules of etiquette around the world.

Secure in the knowledge that you are doing the "right" thing in any business situation, you will be freed to focus on your real goals without worrying about which fork to use or how to greet a international colleague.

At a time when organizations and standard hierarchies are in flux, the wise use of business protocol will allow you to stand out and set the right tone in all of your business relationships--correct, secure, flawless.

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