Diadem: Book of Signs
Diadem: Book of Signs

Diadem: Book of Signs

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Peel, John
Score, Helaine, and Pixel continue their magical journey in Book of Signs, the second volume in the series. A portal takes them to a world called Rawn, where the natives do not like humansespecially those with magical powers. Up against nasty goblins, giant trolls, lake monsters, and a shapeshifting wizard named Shanara, the trio struggles desperately to avoid danger while learning more about the Diadems rulers. Honing their magic skills, making friends, and sticking together are their only chance for survival. Traveling through winding caverns, treacherous mountains, and rainbow-colored forests, the trio are closely watched by an evil magician who craves their magical powers. And someone seems to be helping the children, giving them clues and warnings . . . but why?

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