Despiritualized Church, The [Paperback]
Despiritualized Church, The [Paperback]

Despiritualized Church, The [Paperback]

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Keith Bender (Author)

The Despiritualized Church: What Went Wrong, and What Must Change, is the result of a difficult examination of truth and how it is misunderstood and misapplied in the Christian churches of today. As the Church grew in power and arrogance, it bastardized Jesus original teachings and subsequently despiritualized itself and its offspring, which includes virtually all the mainstream Christian churches and various cults. Few churches today any longer serve as beacons of light illuminating the way to spiritual understanding and reunification with God. Contrary to popular opinion, Christianity was not established by Jesus. It is a religion that is in many ways, the antithesis of spirituality. It was created not by him, but by the apostles and other converts over the centuries that came after him. The Church has come not to repr esent love, but its opposite: fear. In its time, it became void of the spiritual essence of freedom and self-responsibility. That is not what Jesus wanted to establish when he walked the earth. In the New Millennium the things of man-mind: religions and churches, our many and varied socio-economic institutions, and others that are not in accord with responsibility, truth, and unconditional love, will undergo a healing that will rearrange priorities, removing those that are at odds with God s will, and nullify any that can t adjust to the attributes of the New Millennium. Morals and values will readjust to truth. It is to be understood that Jesus is not superior to us, or greater than us, for we are all children of the one God, inheriting the same gifts and potentials. The differences lie in how we have used or abused our inheritance, and how it has established our personal stage of spiritual evolution.

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