Death: Beginning or End?: Methods for Immortality

Death: Beginning or End?: Methods for Immortality

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Jonn Mumford
They say there are two things we can't escape: death and taxes. You can understand taxes by getting information from the I.R.S. And you can get information about the nature of death by getting Death: Beginning or End? by Dr. Jonn Mumford.

Does the very mention of death sound morbid? It shouldn't. Here in the West it is thought of in that way, but in the East (Dr. Mumford is also known as Swami Anandakapila Saraswati) it is considered a natural part of existence.

But death seems so ... final. Right now people are doing everything they can to avoid death. Doesn't it make sense, then, to learn everything you can about death? This book is your key to that understanding.

The book begins with an analysis of exactly what life is. You may be surprised to learn that life is more than what is in the body. Dr. Mumford documents cases where people have continued to act intelligently after the parts of the brain that are supposed to hold the consciousness have been destroyed! How can this be unless the mind is separate from the physical body?

So if the mind is not part of the physical body, where is it? Dr. Mumford, with his years of training, reveals that you actually have five bodies, of which the physical is merely one. Different aspects of the consciousness are associated with each of the bodies. Death occurs when the bodies separate.

So what can you do about death? Of course, it is possible through medicine, exercise, and diet to delay it. But eventually it will happen. So what will happen to you? Is it possible for the mind to survive death? You'll find the answers here.

But an amazing thing will happen as you learn more and more about the nature of death. You will discover that death is just a part of life. The book not only gives you a better attitude about life, but also provides little-known meditation techniques to help delay aging.

Death: Beginning or End? will help you find peace and fulfillment.

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