Crescendo [Paperback]
Crescendo [Paperback]

Crescendo [Paperback]

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Amy Weiss (Author)

"Til death do us part," Aria and her husband swore. But death came much too soon.When tragedy strikes one summer night, everything is taken from Aria: her family, her future. Desperate to find meaning in life after loss, she and her beloved mare leave their home in search of somethingï¾—anything. It feels like the end of her life. It is the beginning.If she can find her way through the forest of grief, she will discover an incredible adventure waiting on the other side. Hers is no ordinary journeyï¾—it is a journey into the nature of the soul. Each step takes her further into uncharted lands. The cave of darkness. The lake of time. The human heart. Each place she goes and each person she meets has a new lesson to teach her, and soon she comes to learn the most astounding one of all: her loved ones have never left her. They are with her throughout the lifetimes. They are eternal and immortal.And so is she.And so are we.

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