Crappy to Happy (RWW)
Crappy to Happy (RWW)

Crappy to Happy (RWW)

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Randy Peyser
What if your happiness has nothing to do with the outer circumstances of your life? What if it was something you just started feeling more and more in each moment regardless of your daily drama?" Author and performer Randy Peyser poses these questions in her first book, Crappy to Happy. With bold storytelling, transformative humor, and her signature "comic interventions", Peyser offers a selection of personal stories about how she created greater happiness in her own life. She shares clues for achieving a place of authenticity, "a happier Now." Arranged in five parts, Crappy to Happy helps us learn to be true to ourselves, manage life's challenges, heal relationships, develop a spiritual life, and give to others. Each story ends with a zinger of a quote, plus pages of numbered steps that encourage action or introspection. Learn how to be silly, cultivate personal integrity, transform from victim to victor, be courageous and outrageous. And much more, including: The New Age Flake Test If You Hate Someone, Imagine They Are an Angel God is a Potato

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