Confessions of a Gypsy Yogini: Experience through Mistakes

Confessions of a Gypsy Yogini: Experience through Mistakes

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Marcia Dechen Wangmo (Author)
Confessions of a Gypsy Yogini is a collection of teachings taken from the authors own life, gained from experience through mistakes, learning the hard way. After an early life as a quasiradical, hippie, horse trainer, and environmentalist, Marcia Dechen Wangmo became a Buddhist. Over the next three decades, through encounters with respected Tibetan masters and an enduring student-teacher relationship with a famed yogi, she moved deep into the hidden world of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Written as a guidebook for others and presented within a Buddhist framework, Confessions offers a fresh approach to traditional teachings. The author turns an unflinching eye on her own shortcomings and painful experiences in a series of revelations proving that, despite appearances to the contrary, she has been a far from ideal student. I confess to not eradicating ignorance from the core, she begins. Interweaving insights gained from her personal experience, step by step she draws readers closer to the fruits of Buddhist practice: the ability to see things as they truly are.

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