Clairvoyance (RWW)
Clairvoyance (RWW)

Clairvoyance (RWW)

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Joules Ken Taylor
Everyone has heard of clairvoyance, many people actually have clairvoyant experiences, but few of us know how to develop those powerful skills.

This book is a home study training course. It is not intended to be an academic text book; but is more like a project handbook revealing how to nurture and use your inner powers in all sorts of day-to-day situations.

The text is profusely illustrated and designed to lead even a complete beginner through the many forms of clairvoyance. An initial questionnaire assesses your talents, and offers you a personalized route through the curriculum. This tailored, modular approach makes it easy to build on your particular strengths and cultivate areas where you have little or no experience.

Each aspect is introduced carefully before you explore your own aptitude via a practical experiment or exercise. Some subjects are reserved as being unsuited to the beginner. Only once you have built-up experience of the four foundations of clairvoyance, are the more advanced abilities recommended and their exercises described.

Because a wide range of topics are covered, even people already fluent in one or more subject can find inspiration to explore other areas of this vast and far-reaching subject.

For anyone who feels that theres more to life than mere surface appearances, developing clairvoyance (literally clear sight) is a logical next step in our personal evolution. We are proud to present this comprehensive guide to how to explore - for yourself - the many hidden wonders of our world.

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