Civil Twilight: A Darcy Lott Mystery - Hardcover

Civil Twilight: A Darcy Lott Mystery - Hardcover

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Susan Dunlap
San Francisco stunt double Darcy Lott specializes in creating the illusion of serious danger. But when her lawyer brother calls and asks her to wine and dine a mysterious client, the danger is no illusion.

Darcy takes an instant liking to the client, Karen Johnson, but there are too many unanswered questions. Karen claims to be getting a divorce, but Darcys brother Gary doesnt handle divorces. And when he insists that their older brother John, a cop, must not know of their meeting, Darcys red flags are raised. Who is this woman? And why does she need a high-powered lawyer?

Soon, a murder shocks the city and John is the primary suspect. With John and Gary both in hiding and the police anxious to pin the death on John, Darcy finds herself with no one she can trust. Desperate for an end to the madness, she delves deep into Karens past, only to uncover a scheme even more shocking than murder itself.

Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: Counterpoint (August 1, 2009)
ISBN-10: 1582434522
ISBN-13: 978-1582434520

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