Choice Centered Astrology (RWW)
Choice Centered Astrology (RWW)

Choice Centered Astrology (RWW)

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Gail Fairfield
To the uninitiated, the words "choice" and "astrology" may seem like contradictory terms, but modern understanding of astrological influence has moved away from the fatalistic outlook. Fairfield shows how astrology can be used to understand the nature of a situation, an individual's contribution to the situation, and the available options and resources to deal with it responsibly. She introduces everything you need to know to understand astrological charts, including the foundations of astrology, the houses, signs, planets, points, and aspects. She shows you how to utilize astrology to make the very most of your life, including how to read a natal chart. Fairfield enables you to organize personal information and gives clear examples of in-depth interpretations, so you can make your own choice centered interpretations.

Foreword by Donna Cunningham, author of Healing Pluto Problems.

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