Chitra (DMGD)
Chitra (DMGD)

Chitra (DMGD)

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Rabindranath Tagore
*** This is a new, never read book. It has a few blemishes such as a crease or edge-wear on the cover, but it is still crisp and new on the inside and it makes for a great reading copy. ***

Chitra is Tagore's interpretation of an episode from the Mahabharata. Chitra, daughter and only child of the King of Manipur, has been brought up like a boy. She is proud of her prowess and 'manliness' till she falls in love with Arjuna, who spurns her.

Broken-hearted, Chitra realises the 'vain prideof her manlike strength' and prays to the gods for 'a brief day of perfect beauty' to ensnare Arjuna. Her wish is granted for a year. But Chitra soon realises that her body has become her enemy for Arjuna has been attracted by 'borrowed beauty' and Chitra cannot reveal her true self.

Tagore has handled this delivate story with great charm and times the play is sheer poetry.

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