Celestial Wisdom (RWW)
Celestial Wisdom (RWW)

Celestial Wisdom (RWW)

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Z Budapest & Diana L. Paxson
Drawing from their combined expertise in spirituality, psychology, astrology, history, and mythology, internationally acclaimed teacher and witch Z Budapest and mythographer and novelist Diana Paxson have created a guide to the general trends one can expect in each year of a persons life. Organized first by decade, then specific year within each decade, Celestial Wisdom for Every Year of Your Life gives new insight and helpful prognostications to the total sweep of the human lifespan, from birth and before to 90 and beyond.

Each year has a description exploring the issues, challenges, and joys specific to it. Stories of people experiencing life at that age are woven throughout, offering insight and perspective on the dynamics at play. Each age ends with a ritual, blessing, and suggestion for how to meaningfully celebrate it, especially at birthday time. For example, are you about to turn 29? Fasten your seatbelt, Saturn is about to return to where it was when you were born and you are in for a change. The changes could come in the areas of job, relationship, or where you live. The combined cosmic knowledge of Budapest and Paxson says, Take a deep breathchange is afoot; see how that energy of change has manifested itself in the lives of others. For your 29th birthday, they suggest, counteract that Im almost thirty and I havent syndrome by celebrating the things you have done. Tape a big piece of butcher paper to the wall. List each year since age twenty and next to it write down what you were doing. Get some colored pencils and have a party. Your friends might just contribute and surprise you. Two pagan powerhouses reveal the wisdom of the ages in an astrological and psychological guide to each year of a womans life. Budapest and Paxsons combined book sales top two million. Light-hearted and playful, yet grounded in years of multidisciplinary study, this book reveals surprising new insights to the possibilities of each year of our lives.

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