Candy in Action: A Novel
Candy in Action: A Novel

Candy in Action: A Novel

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Matthue Roth (Author)
Candy always had a million guys after her. Only before, they never used GPS tracking and surveillance helicopters. Candy Resnick and her best friend Velma jaunt around the world, flirt with rock stars and power brokers, and party it up in countries that dont even know the meaning of the word.But all that changes one night, when Candy turns down the rich and powerful Preston Reigns invitation to dinner. Suddenly, she finds herself being drawn into his web, stalked by a maniac. Out of control for the first time in her life, Candy is on the rundodging bullets, blowing up buildings, being chased through exotic cities, and fighting back with the only weapons she has: Velma, her natural wit, and her stiletto heels.
Candy in Action is about the lonely side of being popular and the dark side of being the hottest girl in class. Its action, its glamour, and its that best-friends-forever feeling where youre on top of the world and anything could happen.

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