Buddhist Symbolism in Tibetan Thangkas (RWW)
Buddhist Symbolism in Tibetan Thangkas (RWW)

Buddhist Symbolism in Tibetan Thangkas (RWW)

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The thangka as a way for Tibetan Buddhist monks to bring the life and teachings of the Buddha to the people through the visual medium of paint. These paintings were rolled up and taken on journeys, used as traveling altars, or hung when certain deities were honored. In this sumptuously illustrated book, Ben Meulenbeld takes us through 37 thangkas that present a pictorial journey of the life of Buddha, Siddhartha Guatama, and the evolution of Tibetan Buddhism. In addition to attracting people who are curious about Buddhist imagery, this introductory book will help new collectors make informed purchases by providing an awareness of the quality of the symbolism appearing in contemporary thangkas. Meulenbeld points out the primary Buddhist symbols and explains the ritual and the religious concepts they represent. He provides a thoroughly enjoyable way to absorb some of the more complicated concepts of Tibetan Buddhism. Glossary. Bibliography. Index. 37 color plates.

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