Buddhist Pilgrimage
Buddhist Pilgrimage

Buddhist Pilgrimage

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Tankha, Brij
Revered and exalted the world over, Gautama Buddha's Enlightenment has cut through all barriers of caste, creed, and religion, drawing followers and admirers to his eightfold path of Peace. Devoid and abstruse philosoply and emphasis on ritualistic trappings, Buddhism's Truth focuses on following a Middle Path. The Universal appeal of the Buddha's teachings have made every place associated with him, a sacred pilgrimage site. Lumbini - where the Buddha was born; Bodh Gaya - the site of enlightenment; Nalanda - which flowered into a renowned university and where Buddhism spread; Sanchi with the oldest Buddhist structures. In this book, the author weaves the life story of the Buddha around these sites, immortalised in brick and mortar. For those who wish to know and see where the footprints of this great Being lef their mark, this book is an apt introduction.

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