Brownie Points - Seven Steps to Success for Woman Entrepreneurs from One Who Made It

Brownie Points - Seven Steps to Success for Woman Entrepreneurs from One Who Made It

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Aundrea Lacy
Aundrea Lacy had lived a full life even before she started her own business. From her early days as a model and TV reporter, to her career in marketing for large corporations, shed had a wide range of experiences that stood her in good stead when, in 1996, she decided to turn her hobby of baking brownies for her friends and transform it into an Internet-based bakery business that she christened Luv's Brownies.

In telling the story of how she founded her business and grew it into a success, Lacy offers up the kind of brass-tacks lessons of use to any entrepreneur, but especially womenwho face unique challenges in starting their own companies. Along the way, Lacy not only weathered major business challenges, with the collapse of the dotcom bubble at the turn of the millennium, but also enormous personal difficulties as well, as she took responsibility for the care and treatment of her AIDS-afflicted friend. Now, with her business celebrating its tenth anniversary, shes created a powerful resource for others, full of concrete, specific, and hands-on advice for how to focus effort, solve problems, meet challenges, and realize opportunities.

Women entrepreneursspecifically, women of colorare starting new businesses at a faster clip than any other group, and Lacys hard-won experience and positive yet practical perspective offer invaluable wisdom to everyone wishing to start a company of their own.

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