Broken Nest (DMGD)
Broken Nest (DMGD)

Broken Nest (DMGD)

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Rabindranath Tagore
*** This is a new, never read book. It has a few blemishes such as a crease or edge-wear on the cover, but it is still crisp and new on the inside and it makes for a great reading copy. ***

Rich in psychological realism, The Broken Nest is a poignant story highlighting the dilemma of individuals when confronted with new values, new ideals and new norms.

Belonging to the rich, leisured society which, at the turn of nineteenth centory, was contentedly drifting in a heavily westernized stream of Bengali culture, Bhupati, Charulata and Amal are its unquestioning, uncomprehending yet excited members. But social change, when coupled with lack of comprehension, must result in historical and emotional upheavals the repercussions of which these three characters have to face in their own lives.

The universal parallels that this story invokes, in its portrayal of these three characters struggling to come to terms with a changing social order, transforms this historical novella into a timeless work of art.

Satyajit Ray's film, Charulata, is a sensitive interpretation of this story.

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