Brady's Book of Fixed Stars (RWW)
Brady's Book of Fixed Stars (RWW)

Brady's Book of Fixed Stars (RWW)

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Bernadette Brady
Brady's Book of Fixed Stars is the newest, most complete book on fixed stars since the publication of Vivian Robson's Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology. In this single volume, Brady provides:

-- Paran Maps and Star Phases for over 60 stars.
-- New insights into the natal use of fixed stars, as well as their use in mundane astrology.
-- Extensive appendices of Heliacal Rising and Acronychal Setting graphs and tables to help astrologers find rising or setting dates for any given location.
-- A listing of 176 stars with their 21st-century Ptolemaic precessed positions versus their commonly-considered positions based on Ulugh Beg's methods.

Brady melds modern techniques with Egyptian and early Greek procedures and mythology so astrologers can apply these techniques to modern chart interpretation. Her methods open a window on the field of fixed stars, revealing how a major star in a person's chart indicates the stage of life in which it is active, and how it reveals the person's life journey through the mythology that the star represents.

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