Bodhi Sattva Sandalwood Incense
Bodhi Sattva Sandalwood Incense

Bodhi Sattva Sandalwood Incense

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Since ancient times, herbal incense has been known for its beneficial influence on the body and mind. According to the Ayurveda, Indias ancient system of natural healing, quality incense enhances health, induces inspired thought, and creates a peaceful state of consciousness.

The finest Herbs, spices, floral extracts, exotic oils, and other natural ingredients are carefully selected for their positive influence-skillfully blended with a base of gums and resins in the South Indian masala method.

The fragrances and properties of each variety of Bodhi Sattva are unique, inspiring and uplifting.

Sandalwood: Possesses many positive characteristics such as a strong cleansing and cooling effect on the circulatory system. This most natural Herbal Incense has a calming influence and is often used during rituals to do away with negative influences. Works well on the sixth chakra.

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