Blood & Sex: Jonas: A Ravenous Romance
Blood & Sex: Jonas: A Ravenous Romance

Blood & Sex: Jonas: A Ravenous Romance

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Angela Cameron
The second and sexiest book yet in the scorching Blood and Sex series. Dr. Elena Jensen is an immunohematologist with DIACorp, the world's leading medical research facility. She's worked hard to get where she is and loved every second of it. But on the eve of announcing her discovery of an immunity booster that will change the lives of every human on earth, a delicious new man walks into her life. Jonas, the strangely appealing owner of the new vampire themed bondage club, could be the perfect distraction from her otherwise workaholic life. But their worlds couldn't be farther apart.

Elena walks away, hoping that she can put Jonas's memory behind her and focus on her work, but he won't leave her alone. Even in her steamy dreams, Jonas is absolutely enthralling. The fact that he's starring each night as a powerful vampire lover makes him even more irresistible. At least until a werewolf attacks her, forcing Jonas to reveal his identity and the truth of her dreams. When she sees him again, can Elena keep dreams separate from reality? Or will her twisted fantasy get them both killed?

Warning: This story contains handcuffs, werewolf violence, intense sex, light bondage, and a dominating, butt-kicking hero...who likes to use his fangs.

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