Beyond the Winning Streak (RWW)
Beyond the Winning Streak (RWW)

Beyond the Winning Streak (RWW)

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Part Number:ISBN 0963462903-RWW Moment Point Press (Vartan)
In 1984 while a marketing manager with Apple Computer Lynda Dahl read her first metaphysical book by Jane Roberts and learned an astonishing lesson: Our lives are crafted from the fabric of our thoughts feelings and beliefs. The implications of the concept were so far-reaching Dahl decided to experiment with the idea. She set a goal of freedom for herself and decided money could buy her that freedom. Five years later she created a million dollars-and freedom. This book tells the real story about the structure that supports creation conscious or otherwise and how through her simple approaches and techniques Lynda Dahl helps set our feet on a path to freedom abundance and health.

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