Be Feel Think Do: A Memoir [Paperback]
Be Feel Think Do: A Memoir [Paperback]

Be Feel Think Do: A Memoir [Paperback]

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Anne Berube Ph.D. (Author)

At the age of 23, modern-day shaman and inspirational speaker Anne Bérubé’s life was interrupted by a near fatal car accident and mystical experience. Trapped in the car, unable to breathe, she had a vision that forever realigned her life’s trajectory. The following years were marked by chronic pain, emotional turmoil, and malaise, through which her journey of introspection and personal transformation would eventually lead to profound insights around self-healing, inner peace, and soul-realization. In her inspirational memoir, Bérubé explores her journey of learning how to prioritize being and feeling in order to experience life richly, fully, and true to her soul’s calling. Bérubé opens her heart and her mind to the universe’s wisdom, providing guidance and comfort to those who feel at the precipice of change and awakening.

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