Bath Kit (Prosperity)
Bath Kit (Prosperity)

Bath Kit (Prosperity)

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Prosperity Bath Kit
For opening your world to all possibilities of good fortune.

1. Use the water of your bath as a ritual tool for cleansing. Before plugging the drain, let the water run on your hands, while you focus you mind on letting all negative thoughts and emotions be rinsed away - drawn by the water down the drain.

2. Set the candle in the holder, and light it, while focusing on the inner light of your hopes being brought into the world with this outer light. Imagine the candle flame as a beacon light guiding the way for your goals to come to you, and to guide you toward finding them.

3. Close the drain, letting the bath fill, while focusing on the incoming water as a symbol of the natural energies of the world, pouring into your life from an endless source.

4. Add half the bath salts, and while blending them with the water, focus on adding your goals into the mix. Imagine the feeling you'll have as your spell comes true. Use any words or affirmations that help picture your positive goals, or just bathe in the feelings of joy and success that they will bring

Enter the bath yourself anytime from step 3 onwards, and soak in the positive energies created by the spell.

5. Optional: put a small object near or under the candle-holder, so it can also soak up the energies of the spell, and be a reminder to carry with you, or keep in a special place. This could be any object you choose for the purpose such as amulets, crystals or jewelry.

6. Optional: let the candle burn completely.

Kit contains: two 4 inch ritual candles, candle holder, bath salts & information card.

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