Baby Smudge Bundle (White Sage)

Baby Smudge Bundle (White Sage)

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You will receive a baby smudge (white sage) stick, small duck feather and instructions on how to smudge

Metaphysical uses of Sage include being used for self purification. It can help to deal with and overcome grief and loss. Helps to remove negative energies. Promotes spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and well-being. It is also used for business success.

Smudging is a ritual of cleansing and purification for the spiritual and physical bodies. Smudging is used to cleanse energy fields. Each person, animal, rock, plant, home has an auric field which can capture negative energy. If this energy is not cleansed, it can create illness for its owner. It makes sense to keep ourselves and our environment free from disease. We are not separate from our environment, but interconnected. We are all related: only in our minds are we separate from the whole.

To smudge a room light your sage with a match so that the dry material flames. Allow it to burn for a few moments, and then fan the flames out with a feather so that the herbs are now smoldering. It is the smoke that we want to work with, not the fire. If you are having difficulty getting the sage to burn it is either too damp, too green, or not enough oxygen is getting into the sage. If you are using a smudge stick, crush the end of it to let the air inside.

When you get it smoldering, continue to fan the sage with a feather. Walk your room in a clock wise fashion and fan the smoke into all areas of the room. Continue to do this until it feels clean to you. If there has been a heavy sickness open the doors and windows so that anything negative can be “chased” outside of your dwelling.

Work places are especially in need of daily cleansing. Dead or gone energy is easily noticed in areas that have fluorescent lights and little or no direct access to outdoor fresh air. This energy accumulates and causes our own vibrations to slow down and weaken. When our vibration is not at an optimum level, illness is not far behind. Our sensitivity is decreased and intuitive abilities are hampered. Use your intuition. Cleanse and ask everything you do not want near you to “Go To the Light.”

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