Attack of the Intergalatic Soul Hunters

Attack of the Intergalatic Soul Hunters

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Carter, Timothy
When not fending off school bullies, Conrad and his best friend Knowlton are wrapped up in Infinite Destiny, their favorite sci-fi television show. It's no wonder Conrad often dreams about aliens and space chases, but one day the two science fiction geeks discover that these dreams are actual past-life memories.

Long ago Conrad and Knowlton were alien soldiers battling evil forces of Deltran Prime. Now a villain from Conrad's dreams, Cyscope, has come to Earth to track him down. The cruel admiral of the Deltran galactic empire will stop at nothing to find the Shadow Matrix, a monumental object powerful enough to upset the balance of the galaxy . . . and only Conrad knows where it is. With help from Lysta, a psychic, and Pakfrida, a wise spirit from their former lives, the two boys escape the clutches of Cyscope and his Hunters, but can they outrun the galactic enforcers forever?

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