Atlantis: Mother of Empires

Atlantis: Mother of Empires

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Robert B. Stacy-Judd and Robert H Stacy-Judd
In 1939, Robert Stacy-Judd grabbed the world's attention with the publication of Atlantis: Mother of Empires. Now, sixty years later, this acclaimed classic is reprinted exactly as it originally was, down to the last word. A scholar, architect, and artist, Stacy-Judd made himself into the indisputable authority on Atlantis with Atlantis: Mother of Empires, to which no other book even comes close. Lavishly illustrated with Stacy-Judd's own artwork, this book explores the connection between Atlantis and societies of the past and present. Written in an engaging style, it is broken down into comprehensive chapters covering a world of facts, theories, and myth,

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