Astrology, Aleister and Aeon
Astrology, Aleister and Aeon

Astrology, Aleister and Aeon

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Charles Kipp (Author)
Why is astrology both so appealing and so maligned? Orthodox religion proclaims it to be heretical and demonic. Philosophers consider it to be superstitious and uncritical. Scientists object to it as being presumably unverifiable. All these objections, however, are self-serving. This is not to say that such objections should be disregarded, but the mental attitudes from which they emanate ought to be evaluated within the context of the larger debate to which they contribute. Using the controversial figure of "The Wickedest Man in the World" - Aleister Crowley - as a focal point, this book provides a tremendous contribution both to the body of available data and to the manner in which such data may be evaluated.

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