Ask Your Inner Voice [Paperback]
Ask Your Inner Voice [Paperback]

Ask Your Inner Voice [Paperback]

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James Wawro (Author)

Sometimes, words come up from very deep within us. Somehow, we can sense they are different from our other thoughts. They may come in the form of an instruction, or a phrase of special wisdom. If we heed them, ensuing events always prove how absolutely right these words were. What would it be like to regularly have such inspiration appear just when you need it? What if you could easily receive strong and accurate inner guidance on the important decisions in you life, like decisions about career changes, relationships, and financial matters? How much fun would it be to have an inner voice that you trusted on everday decisions, and to have it lead you with coincidence and serendipidity to exactly where you wanted to be in life? How satisfying would it be for your inner wisdom to guide you to immediate and lasting improvements in your relationships? All of that can be yours. Ask Your Inner Voice lays out the simple secrets people throughout history, and people alive today, have learned to use to call on their inner voice just when they need it. Ask Your Inner Voice shows through true inner voice stories the proven steps to connecting with your inner wisdom, and each chapter ends with a 'How To' section providing simple, 'Try It' exercises that you can use to tap into those aspects of your own inner voice.

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