Angel Blessings Stamp Kit (RWW)

Angel Blessings Stamp Kit (RWW)

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Ambika Wauters
Enjoy the blessings of the angels every day with the Angel Blessings Stamp Kit.

The kit includes:
A beautiful Archangel Michael stamp holder
12 angel stamps
A 60-page booklet that describes the theme and purpose of each angel
A gold inkpad

The perfect gift for anyone who loves angels, the Angel Blessings Stamp Kit blesses stationery, envelopes, journals, notebooks, greeting cards, and gifts. The angels in the kit assist the Archangel Michael in acting on our behalf.

Each angel stamp depicts angels that oversee areas of daily life:
Angel of Wise Guidance
Angel of Wholesome Choices
Angel of Fruitful Opportunities
Angel of Impeccable Integrity
Angel of Clear Communication
Angel of Beloved Relationships
Angel of Vibrant Health
Angel of Profound Peace
Angel of Flowing Abundance
Angel of Absolute Protection
Angel of Spiritual Growth
The Archangel Michael

The accompanying booklet discusses angels as forces for good in our lives. It also offers an entry explaining each stamp that includes:

An introduction to each angel and how they bring empowerment and healing
A prayer, blessing, and meditation
Suggestions for using the angel stamps in daily life
Angel Blessings Stamp Kit gives you everything you need for the angels to bless and guide your life, your friends, and your loved ones each and every day.

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