Anatomy of a Haunting: The Nightmare on Baxter Road [Paperback]

Anatomy of a Haunting: The Nightmare on Baxter Road [Paperback]

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Lee Strong (Author)

Imagine that you’ve inherited a house of spirits. Now imagine that the house wants you dead.

For Jon and Carlie Summers, the nightmare begins when they move into an inherited home in rural Iowa. Leaving behind their busy lives in Chicago, Jon and Carlie are dragged into a horrifying spiral of violent dreams, illnesses, and possessions. Uncovering a vast evil hidden for decades in crates of buried journals, Jon and Carlie are forced to relive the sinister history of the house and its legacy of abuse, denial, and obsession.

Anatomy of a Haunting is a terrifying true story about one house and its inhabitants who have been pushed to the brink of insanity and death. Through interviews and exhaustive research into the 150-year-old McPherson house, author Lee Strong delves into the history of the haunting and paints a nightmarish picture of one couple’s descent into supernatural madness.

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