All We Have Is All We Need (RWW)

All We Have Is All We Need (RWW)

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Karen Casey
In All We Have Is All We Need, Karen Caseys classic and simple wisdom is condensed into one- and two-sentence statementsroad signs to lead us away from trouble, chaos, and drama and toward peace in our everyday lives. Casey, the founding foremother of daily meditation books for women, offers something different and unique here, something especially suited to the state of mind and heart that might be considered the opposite of peaceful. Frequently when we find ourselves in turmoil, we cannot concentrate. What we need is a simple, true message to hold on to for dear life. And, at other times, when crisis doesnt loom quite so large, we can still find comfort in going back to the basics, Caseys simple statements that serve us well.

Organized into six sections, this book provides the wisdom to know that we have within us everything we need to lead a peaceful, balanced lifeor the wherewithal to find it.

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