A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology, 5th Edition Fifth Edition

A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology, 5th Edition Fifth Edition

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Set a solid foundation with the new edition of LWW’s bestselling pathology text for manual therapists!

This cornerstone book of the massage curriculum is the most comprehensive, visually appealing, and respected title to cover the pathologies that massage therapists must be familiar with. In the fifth edition, Ruth Werner's A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology the focus on not only explaining the disease, but also its applicability and indications in massage therapy.

This text offers detailed information on the etiology, signs, symptoms, and treatment of more than 500 diseases and conditions, and also helps students discover how massage therapy influences the healing process. Organized by body system, the text features case histories in which people living and coping with many of the disease conditions covered in the text share their stories.

Key Features
· An enhanced art program, featuring illustrations that capture the reader’s attention and make difficult concepts easier to grasp
· A new Conditions at a Glance appendix to provide concise information on an additional 34 diseases
· There’s also a new table at the end of each disease condition summarizing the benefits, risks, and options for massage therapy
· Case histories share stories of people living with conditions covered in the text to draw a real-world connection between the classroom and the clinic
· Research literacy appendix addresses the need for evidence-based massage therapy
· Compare and contrast charts present similar conditions side-by-side to help students discern the differences
This book provides comprehensive, yet concise, information on the etiology, signs, symptoms, and standard treatment approaches for more than 500 diseases and conditions. At the end of each condition, a "Risks, Benefits, Options" table provides guidance on the implications for massage. For this 5th edition, the author has throroughly researched and updated each condition in the text. She has streamlined the information to focus on what is most useful to the massage therapy student, while maintaining the friendly and accessible style that this text is known for. Included with each book is a code for access to a host of games, exercises, quizzes, videos, and animations, all developed or selected by the author.

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