1 Herkimer Diamond in Velveteen Bag

1 Herkimer Diamond in Velveteen Bag

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One Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamonds are not diamonds but a class of Quartz crystal with unique properties. The name Diamond comes from the naturally brilliant look a Herkimer has in it natural state when mined. This crystal has a naturally occurring shape of 18 facets and is also double terminated. Found mainly in Herkimer New York, these crystals were originally discovered by the local Native Americans.

The metaphysical properties of a Herkimer are believed to be the strongest in existence. They are used to induce and enhance lucid dreaming and to energize the charkas without any focusing required in meditation. Many use these crystals on their altars or on top of the headboard of their bed to stimulate lucid states, and dream recall.

These Herkimers are mined specially for us. We are the second person to handle these precious gems. We design jewelry in Sterling Jewelry as pendants or earrings. Wearer beware these crystals are really energized. This item comes with a velveteen pouch for safe keeping.

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